Friday, April 22, 2011


Welcome to my newest project I hope to incorporate into my "other" spare time. But whatever, if it gives me a place to unleash a little stress and insanity without throwing my T-89 calculator at the next person who walks into my office then it's worth it - and, who knows, it may even be a little entertaining. My goal is to share some of the experiences in my life, a lot will be experiences and traveling based around my job (but not all of it), while hopefully connecting with others and hearing their stories as well.

I'm in the middle of a very busy schedule so this is a great time to jump in. Just to catch up, last week I was in Shreveport, LA to help teach one of our equipment training classes and this week I was in Lubbock, TX for the SWPSC 2011 Conference. Ooooh sounds fun, doesn't it? Don't worry. It won't be as boring as you might think.

Coming up in the next month: Texas Expo, South Texas training, Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay!

Welcome to my engineering life. Enjoy!

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